Thank You For Everything!

Sitting here feeling a bit flustered with some tears welled up in my eyes.  It’s been a crazy day!  I turned in my notice with Perpetual Technologies.  I have been here for 6.5 years.  This place has been wonderful to me and my career but it was time.  It was a decision that I struggled with for quite some time but when you know, you know.  I then took my time to find just the right place to move on to and I now have found it!  I will be joining the rockstar team at BlueGranite!  So very excited for the opportunity, new challenges, and new co-workers.  Right now though I’m feeling the sting of leaving this team and all the personal relationships I have built over the years.  Thank you so much to those folks at PTI who challenged me, encouraged me, mentored me, gave me grief, made me laugh till couldn’t breathe, and everything else.  PTI was one of the best career decisions I could have ever made, thank you for everything!  I will miss you guys and wish you nothing but the best!

Sun setting on a wonderful chapter in my career

Sunset on a wonderful chapter in my career