Friday SQL Nugget #1

Got tagged today by Ted Krueger (blog|twitter) in his Friday SQL Nugget.  I started this post before midnight so it counts right?  The concept for today was when to pitch it all and start over.  I had to ponder this awhile because I couldn’t think of anything I have thrown away lately related to my job.  My hubby may disagree but I will pitch stuff like crazy at home.  At work though, that’s a step back/gasp/stare in horror type moment to think of pitching things.  I hang onto links, emails, books, and whatever else makes sense in my technical hoarder type way.  And scripts…you must be out of your mind if you think I’ll get rid of a script!  There was finally something I thought of that I don’t mind letting go of without a regret at all…presentations.  I haven’t been doing presentations for a terribly long time (around a 1.5 years) but in the fall started getting antsy to get something new going.  I ended up taking the holidays off, well to just survive the holidays.  It’s a new year and kicking it into gear fast and furious on some new ones that I’m really excited to start doing.  I will admit I may have issues getting rid of some things, presentations is not one of them.  Although I may keep 2 or 3 copies of all files related to them, ok I’ll stop while I’m ahead before someone offers to get me psychiatric help.

What my hard drives feel like.


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