Datazen – Connecting Drill Through to Navigation Apps

I just accomplished something very cool in Datazen and I couldn’t wait to share with everyone! I was working on a POC for a client with Datazen. We were doing some review and the client had an interesting request. We were going to add a drill through to information that would contain an address. The client said “If this could be a link that a phone’s navigation would recognize that would be slick”. I thought to myself “oh that would be very cool” and got a little nerd giddy at the thought of trying to do that.


After doing a little searching I found that you can link to a map using the format: The “term” portion is where you would update it with your search. So in my case I can put the address. It has flexibility as well so you can do something like this if you would want: of liberty.  When you use that link it brings up the map below.

Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty

Back in Datazen I created a Simple DataGrid that contained the fields I wanted to display including address. I then read the documentation on the Datazen website documentation for custom url drill throughs ( The example made me think I had to have a selection be passed to the url. I didn’t want to do that, I just wanted it to pass a field I had displayed in my DataGrid.  However when I started playing with it, it showed my fields contained in the DataGrid as well! Sweet!  So I created a drill through for my DataGrid. In the expression window I put “” then selected the field (SimpleDataGrid3.Address).


When testing this drill through on my iPhone it didn’t work (insert sad trombone music).  It would kick me out of DataZen app and go to my home screen but nothing more. It was like it was trying to do something but wasn’t working. I did some more research and found this link ( It refers to the url scheme to launch navigation from apps. So with information from that article I changed the beginning of my link to comgooglemapsurl:// I test again and it works!

The custom url drill through

The custom url drill through

When I clicked the drill through it would open Apple Maps with that address displayed. Cool egh?! It also then reminded me that I hadn’t changed my default to Google maps which is now resolved as well.


2 thoughts on “Datazen – Connecting Drill Through to Navigation Apps

  1. Hello, I know this is not right place to post it, but I haven’t found a better one………I looked in web but I haven’t fonud any reasonable help………I’m trying to make a datasource using general odbc dsn but with no success. My aim is to connect to a DB2 AS400 database. I installed DataDirect connectors 64 bit for AS400 machine. I configured a new system odbc in a Windows Server 2012 machine. I tested connection and works perfectly. I tried also to use this odbc connection in Microsoft Access to link directly to a table in AS400 and there’s no problem…..But when I try to configure this connection in Datazen always testing connection in Datazen (I installed and created system odbc in the same machine of Datazen server) appears message ‘The reason phrase must not contain new-line characters’.

    Do you have any idea how to solve this issue ? I’m getting crazy……

    Sabino from SWitzerland

    1. Sabino – I have seen this error. It seems to be the odd generic message when it can’t connect. When I received it, it was due to the lack of the Datazen server being on the accepted access list to connect to Azure SQL DB though. If you send an email to it will send you a response with a link to setup a ticket. I would send you the link but it appears to have a lot of location specific tags on it. Just in case, so you are routed correctly I would send that email to get the proper link. Good luck!

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