Goodbye MVP and yoga pants

Life is funny you know. So many times you are moving right along and fate throws you new paths you weren’t expecting. I recently had a very surprising phone call. It was from a friend and colleague at Microsoft who was hoping to move to a new role. He said he wanted to give me a heads up as he had recommended me as a good candidate to replace his potentially vacant spot and I would start getting phone calls. I was very glad he did as I was stunned and sounded like a mumbling idiot while the information processed. Microsoft!? Moi?! I was very happy at BlueGranite and wasn’t looking at all. But everyone has that short list of companies where if they call, you at least pick up the phone.


Fast forward a few weeks and I have just accepted a TSP position with Microsoft! I’m giddy with excitement for this opportunity! And there the tears well up again, but I’m so sad to be leaving BlueGranite! This company is an amazing group of people who are astounding in the BI/Data Analytics field. I have joked in the past that there may have been some deals with the devil within upper management to have acquired the talent that they have. And they took a chance hiring this DBA with less than stellar track record in BI, but wanted to learn. Part of the reason too that I went to work for BlueGranite was I had many friends who work for them. That is what makes leaving so hard…I’m going to miss working with these folks so much! I am very proud to have been able to call myself a part of this team. Thank you for everything BlueGranite!


The other painful piece of this is that if I’m renewed for MVP in a few days, it won’t last very long. Being an MVP has been such a surreal experience! It’s still unreal I was able to be a part of this group of crazy smart, crazy passionate, and crazy generous people. Being an MVP is, was, and will always be a great source of pride in my career.


And dear yoga pants, I will miss spending most of my time with you. We’ll still be together, just not as often.


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