SQLStarter Track – Of Course It’s Back!

Seems the SQLStarter track is the only thing that brings me out of blog hiatus anymore. I keep meaning to blog but my life is triage and blogging just tends to fall off the vitals list.  One day I’ll get back into gear.  But today my friends I wanted to get the word out again for something I’m passionate, SQLStarter.  If you’re inclined you can go back and read the posts from the past they are here.

SQLFamily, I Have An Idea and I Need Your Help

SQLStarter Track Back Again In Indy

I still truly feel that these career paths are a great way to change lives.  One day I’m hoping someone will come up and say “I attended a session day that changed my life”.  I’m passionate enough that I’m willing to yearly share embarrassing pictures from my days of questionable judgment (older posts reference).



It’s hard to get your hair to poof with maid hat on but by god I did it! 


And what do I ask in return for this good laugh?   I am looking for speakers to fill the spots. If you’re interested in helping, can hit me up on Twitter/email/carrier pigeon. And for everyone else, helping to get the word out would be great! There’s an info page setup at site here and you can RT messages on #SQLStarter hashtag.


SQLFamily, I Have An Idea and I Need Your Help

Have you ever had an idea for something and it completely haunts you? Something that pops in your brain all the time and keeps you up at night? Something where it feels like the universe NEEDS you to do it? I have had this idea brewing for a long time and I now have some key pieces in place to finally get it out there so it can stop haunting me.


First a little history to understand a portion of the inspiration behind this. Back in middle school and early high school, I hung out with a group who got into a LOT of trouble. There are some situations I look back on where my future was sitting on the edge of a knife. If I had zigged many days, instead of zagging, my life could be completely different. I have a lot of friends who didn’t finish high school and went down paths that are hard to reverse, living paycheck to paycheck. My home town of Anderson, IN and hell my family is completely full of people I’d like to help get on a different path.


If you can imagine, this was an era of questionable judgement.  Photo isn’t the best quality but gets across the point. 🙂


So with those folks in the back of my mind, I also see the greatness of the SQL community and the WEALTH of resources out there for free. I also hear over and over that we don’t have enough people to fill these data related jobs. I know that recruiters hit me up all the time. So if I can reach someone out there who is ready to go down a different path and is motivated to put in the work, we can change some lives!



Now SQLSaturdays are already reaching people and changing lives. They changed my life, without a doubt. But I know I have met beginners at those who are intimidated and scared when they attend. Can you imagine going into a SQL internals class when you are brand new to the scene? Hell they may give up right then and say screw it, this stuff is way over my head. So at SQLSaturday Indy I’m going to setup a total beginner track. I’ll be giving the first session of the day where it will be an easy intro into the different data related career paths you can take. Then the rest of the sessions in that track will dig a bit deeper into each one. These sessions will explain high level concepts and the kinds of work you would be doing. And of course, giving details of where they can find more information after they figure out which avenue intrigues them.


This is where I need your help SQLFamily! I need people to assist with these area focused sessions. Will need 5-6 sessions to fill out the rest of the track. These are the ones I’m thinking now but am open to suggestion (beggers can’t be choosers).

  1. Database Admin
  2. Database Development
  3. Business Intelligence
  4. Big Data/Analytics
  5. Other??

I also want to start a way to help keep in touch and connect with these people as they go out into the world after SQLSaturday Indy. Seeing how well Twitter and some hashtags work, I’m starting another one called #SQLStarter. We can use it to help answer questions, and point these beginners to new resources. I also would like to start making recruiters aware of it as well so they can post jobs appropriate for beginners.


So there…the idea is out there and hopefully the universe will stop haunting me to do this. Hoping this is the spark and the beginning of something spreads to other SQLSaturdays/User Groups/whatever. And as kumbaya froo froo as it sounds, feels great to put some good out into the world!