SQLStarter Track – Of Course It’s Back!

Seems the SQLStarter track is the only thing that brings me out of blog hiatus anymore. I keep meaning to blog but my life is triage and blogging just tends to fall off the vitals list.  One day I’ll get back into gear.  But today my friends I wanted to get the word out again for something I’m passionate, SQLStarter.  If you’re inclined you can go back and read the posts from the past they are here.

SQLFamily, I Have An Idea and I Need Your Help

SQLStarter Track Back Again In Indy

I still truly feel that these career paths are a great way to change lives.  One day I’m hoping someone will come up and say “I attended a session day that changed my life”.  I’m passionate enough that I’m willing to yearly share embarrassing pictures from my days of questionable judgment (older posts reference).



It’s hard to get your hair to poof with maid hat on but by god I did it! 


And what do I ask in return for this good laugh?   I am looking for speakers to fill the spots. If you’re interested in helping, can hit me up on Twitter/email/carrier pigeon. And for everyone else, helping to get the word out would be great! There’s an info page setup at site here and you can RT messages on #SQLStarter hashtag.


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