Really starting to sink in…

I am doing some preparation today on my 24HOP presentation today.  It’s really starting to sink in how cool it is to have this opportunity.  Very stoked to be able to do a presentation for PASS!  I have seen so many great presentations from folks, it’s a bit hard to believe I’ll be doing one for others.  It’s also extremely cool to be a part of the one that is dedicated to all women.  I have always been a bit of a tomboy and loved beating guys at things that were seen as “their games”…i.e. fishing, playing pool, etc.  I got into IT partially because I kept hearing how it was a male dominated field.  The challenge of getting in and showing I can be just as good as any of the guys gave me a little extra incentive.  Just very honored to be presenting with other women who are out there rocking it as well.  I love seeing anyone exceed and do well in this awesome SQL community but makes me smile a bit wider when it’s a fellow chica!  Make sure you sign up for 24 Hour of PASS.  (Hash tags:  #24HOP #sqlpass #passwit)



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