It’s official…SQLSaturday Chicago!

Just heard word that my PowerPivot session got picked up for SQLSaturday in Chicago in a few weeks!  Looking forward to meeting everyone involved for that one.  March is going to be pretty awesome….24 Hours of PASS and now this!  If you’re able you should come join the fun.  It’s on March 26.  Here’s the link.  And too…it’s the day after my birthday so that means I’ll get to celebrate in Chi-town…bonus!  #sqlsat67


3 thoughts on “It’s official…SQLSaturday Chicago!

  1. First, wanted to thank you for your Spatial Data presentation. It’s wrapping up now and I wanted to mention that I really enjoyed it. I never knew any of this existed in SQL Server!

    But on a second note, I’m thrilled to learn about this SQL Saturday event, which is in my neck of the woods! Am perusing the events now and may come on out and check it out!

    So thanks for that too! Cheers!

    1. Thanks Andy…so glad to hear you enjoyed the presentation. Definitely come out to the SQLSaturday…can’t beat free training! All the SQLSaturdays I have been too are really top notch…the folks involved really make them great.

      1. Not sure I can. Checking out the Registration section of the website, shows that there’s an attendee waiting list. Looks like I’m too late!

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